FindTime has arrived in Outlook on the Web

Looking for FindTime? 

FindTime has been replaced by a new feature coming to Outlook on the Web: "Poll for a Time to Meet".

When we launched FindTime last year, we wanted to offer the easiest way to find time to meet across companies. Since then, we've seen millions of votes to find the best day and time to meet. 

With the huge positive response, we wanted to make FindTime even easier to access (beyond an add-in) to help more people save time. Today, we're sharing that FindTime functionality is directly available in Outlook on the web as a preview. 

As a FindTime user, we'd like to invite you to be one of the first people to "Poll for a Time to Meet" in Outlook on the web. 


How to get started 

To get started in Outlook, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Sign in.
  3. Open your calendar. 
  4. Click New. 
  5. Click Poll for a time to meet.

Poll for a Time to Meet

Avoid the scheduling back and forth


What's happening to FindTime? 

We originally launched FindTime through the Garage, which is Microsoft’s official outlet for experimental projects from small teams across the company. 

As we continued refining FindTime, we knew that we were onto something when many of our users started recommending the service to their co-workers and friends because of how much time FindTime was saving them. 

Since FindTime was an add-in for Outlook, we decided that the best way to help even more people save time was to make meeting polls available directly in Outlook on the web. With “Poll for a Time to Meet” now available in Outlook on the web, we are discontinuing FindTime as an add-in for Outlook. 

What will happen to my existing meeting polls? 

The plug-in will no longer be available to schedule meetings and attendees will be unable to vote on meetings. Polls that are still open and not finalized will be discarded. Any meetings where voting has closed and the meeting has been scheduled will be unaffected. 

To continue saving time when scheduling meetings, we recommended transitioning to Outlook on the web at 

What happens if I don’t see “Poll for a Time to Meet” in Outlook on the Web? 

Although most FindTime users should be able to see “Poll for a Time to Meet” in Outlook on the web immediately, some users may not be able to see it yet. We recently started rolling out the feature, and in some cases, it may take up to a week to become visible. 

Can I get it now? 

Although FindTime users should already have access to “Poll for a Time to Meet,” you can also ensure that you and your organization have access by asking your O365 Administrator to join the First Release Program. 

How can I give feedback? 

We want to make sure you're able to use Outlook on the web to take advantage of "Poll for a Time to Meet". If you need any assistance, you can submit your feedback via UserVoice.

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