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Delete your personal information and polls from FindTime

To help you better manage your FindTime information, we recently added a control to the Settings page that lets you delete your FindTime account and all of your poll data.

You might use this delete functionality for the following reasons:
  • Your FindTime account has lots of old, open polls that you no longer want hanging around
  • You are changing roles or jobs and no longer expect to use FindTime
  • You just want to do some clean-up and get a fresh start
Of course, most users probably won't need to take this step very often, if ever, but it's functionality we wanted to provide to give you full control of your polling data. 

You will find this button on the FindTime Settings panel which is accessible by logging in at and clicking "Settings" on the dashboard. Please see image below as a reference (Note: maroon box added as emphasis).

Once the dashboard opens, you'll see a "Delete all" button. Clicking this button and confirming it's what you want to do will remove ALL of your polls (open, cancelled, and completed) and will delete your account information from FindTime


So, please be careful. Once you commit to deleting all of your poll information there is no way to recover it. 

You can always click the FindTime add-in to re-link it to your Office 365 account to start using it, again. This sets up a new, empty FindTime account for you so you can start creating and sending polls again. But this step will not recover your old polls. It will just allow to to start creating and sending new polls again. Again, once you delete your old polls there's no way to recover them. 

A couple of final notes... First, deleting your account and poll information through this pathway does not delete your Office 365 account - it only deletes the information in FindTime about you and your polls. Second, any and all meetings set up through the use of FindTime that are already on your calendar or the calendars of people you've included in past polls will be untouched by this action. Those events are not managed by FindTime once they've been set up so they cannot be deleted through this pathway. 

We hope this is a useful addition to the product and we thank you for using FindTime.  

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