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FindTime stores old polls for 90 days

We are changing how FindTime handles old polls
Going forward, old polls in FindTime will be removed from your dashboard after 90 days. More specifically, polls will be deleted according to the following logic: 
  • Completed polls: polls that were set-up and shared through FindTime and that resulted in a meeting will be removed 90 days after the date the resulting meeting was scheduled
  • Cancelled polls: polls that the organizer has cancelled will be removed 90 days after the date of cancellation
  • Open polls: polls that haven't yet resulted in a meeting nor have they been cancelled will be removed 90 days after the latest time proposal in the poll. As new time proposals get added, the removal date will get updated accordingly.
Why are we making this change? 
As FindTime usage has increased we've learned a couple of things about old polls... first, there's not a lot of value in keeping the old poll information that builds-up in a user's FindTime dashboard - in fact, cleaning-out the old polling data actually minimizes the potential of unexpected data leakage and lowers the risk for larger organizations that use FindTime; second, it's a lot easier for us to keep FindTime running efficiently if we avoid keeping too much old data around.

Exactly what is getting removed? 
None of the meetings that get set-up through the use of FindTime are affected by this change. Those events are on your calendar and the calendars of your friends and colleagues who were invited to your polls. Those events are not impacted. 

This change is only about the old poll information that you see in your FindTime Meetings Dashboard (see below) at For each of your polls this includes the meeting title, the list of invitees, the duration and location, and the record of votes everyone made. Again, it's important to note, though, that the events that result from completed polls contain most of this information, too, and are not affected by this change. 

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