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Schedule meetings on the go

Can you believe we're already at Hack #4 of 5? Time flies when you're having fun...or when you're wasting time scheduling meetings. Here are three ways to schedule a meeting faster after you send out a FindTime invite.

The easiest way to schedule a meeting is through our auto-scheduling feature. Before you insert the invitation into your email, select the "Auto-schedule on a unanimous vote" option. It is our default option.

Need to schedule on the road? Turn on email notifications, and you'll receive a notice each time an attendee votes. Select your favorite option directly from the email to schedule the meeting instantly. Try it from your phone!

We'll remind your attendees to respond to your invite, but if you can't wait for them, just click "Schedule" on any time-slot to send calendar events instantly to everyone. We recommend this option if your attendees haven't voted within 3 days.

Thanks for using FindTime!

Happy meetings,

The FindTime Team

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