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Skype call like a pro

This is it! Last but definitely not least, here's FindTime Hack #5 of 5: Customize your conference call locations.

Skype settings are on by default. Please note that we can only detect your settings if you are hosted in cloud Skype servers or use a dedicated Skype bridge.

When you create an invite poll with the Skype setting enabled, we'll automatically generate a Skype link in your meeting invitation once a time is decided.

Quick tip: If the option is not turned on for you, that means we can't set up Skype for you but you can still add it once the meeting has been scheduled.

If you don't want to use Skype, turn it off by toggling the blue Skype logo before creating your FindTime invitation. Add your preferred conference call number, room or URL to the location field instead.

For example, here I want people to call me at a number instead.

To set up a dedicated bridge, head over your to dashboard and hit "Settings".

That's the last of our FindTime Hacks. You have everything you need to schedule meetings like a pro! Thank you for being part of the FindTime family. We hope you enjoy FindTime and continue to save time!

Happy meetings,

The FindTime Team

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