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Subscribing to invite calendars

Subscribing to invite calendars

Organizers of FindTime invites, by default, have proposed times held as tentative slots on their exchange calendars as reminders of pending meetings.
With the release of our newest feature, attendees can now take advantage of this feature as well.
Invites can be tracked in 2 ways:
  • Signed in users can allow FindTime to add events directly to their calendars for each invite they vote on.
  • Other users may subscribe to ics feeds for individual invites, which will be updated periodically depending on the calendar client.

Sign in to have events added to your calendar

How to subscribe

 After voting, attendees can subscribe to all invites by allowing FindTime to add their positively voted times to their calendar.

Upon clicking the "Subscribe to my votes" button, if not signed in, users will be prompted to allow FindTime to access their calendar.

Once subscribed, the button will indicate the user has been subscribed to all future invites. The user's calendar will be updated whenever the invite is edited. Please allow up to 5 minutes for changes to propagate.

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