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Using the organizer dashboard and settings

The FindTime organizer dashboard and settings page is a place for an organizer to quickly find his or her invites and to set default settings that will be used when creating new invites via the FindTime add-in.

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How do I get to the dashboard?
How can I find an invite again? I don't want to go through all my emails to find it.
States of an invite: Open, completed, cancelled, and deleted
Editing and cancelling an invite via the dashboard Organizer settings

How do I get to the dashboard?

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There are a few ways you can easily reach the dashboard. The first is through the FindTime home page, :

The second way to reach the dashboard is by using the link at the top of any page on the voting site. This could be the voting page itself, or the vote confirmation page, or even the sign-in page:

How can I find an invite again? I don't want to go through all my emails to find it.

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The dashboard is the best place to find any and all of your open, completed, or cancelled invites. You can navigate to the dashboard by following the instructions above. The dashboard looks like so:

By default, the dashboard opens showing all of your currently open invites. You can also view the list of all completed or cancelled invites by clicking on the links:

You are unable to see any invites that have been deleted. For a description of the different invite states, see the answer below.

States of an invite: Open, completed, cancelled, and deleted

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An invite has 4 possible states:
  • Open: An open invite is one that you've created with the FindTime add-in that is still available for voting.
  • Completed: A completed invite is one that has been scheduled either by the auto-scheduling feature or by the organizer manually scheduling it.
  • Cancelled: A cancelled invite is one that the organizer cancelled by pressing the "Cancel" button on the voting page or on the dashboard.
  • Deleted: An invite can be a deleted invite in 2 ways. One way is that an invite was created but never emailed to any attendees (this happens when the organizer inserts an invite into the email but never sends it), and the other way is that the invite was manually deleted by the organizer via the dashboard. Unlike open, completed, or cancelled invites, deleted invites are not displayed on the dashboard.

Editing and cancelling an invite via the dashboard

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What kind of changes can I make to an invite using the editing feature?

You can access the edit dialog for an invite by pressing the "Edit" button on the right side of an open invite's row:

Clicking an "Edit" button will open the edit dialog, where you can edit the invite title, location, and duration:

Please note that changing the duration to a longer time no longer guarantees that all existing votes are accurate. For example, in the above example, let's say one of the invite's current suggested times is for 6:30pm and Sarah and John both voted yes for this time. They have a commitment at 9pm so could easily make the 2-hour meeting at 6:30pm. If, however, the organizer changes the duration to 3 hours, Sarah and John will no longer be able to make the 6:30pm suggestion but their "yes" votes will remain for the suggestion after the duration change. Sarah and John will need to update their votes.

What does it mean to cancel an invite? What happens when I cancel it?

When an open invite is cancelled by pressing the "Cancel" button on the dashboard or the "Cancel invite" button on the voting page, the invite is frozen and closed to further voting, and cannot be scheduled either by auto-scheduling or manually scheduling. The invite voting page can still be viewed even though no action can be taken. The voting page looks exactly like it did when it was closed except it is grayed out. This means that attendee names, invite details, and votes are still visible. If you would like to make an invite no longer accessible so that no details can be seen, first cancel the invite and then press the "Delete" button in the "Cancelled" tab on the dashboard:

You can also delete a completed invite:

Organizer settings

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What is the organizer settings dialog?

The organizer settings dialog allows an organizer (someone who has the FindTime add-in installed and has logged into the add-in) to set default values for some information that is used when creating an invite in the add-in. Please note that changing any settings in this dialog will not change any invites that have already been sent out.

The dialog is accessed by clicking the "Settings" link:

The resulting dialog looks like so:

Even if these default settings are auto-populated in the add-in, you can still change the settings in the add-in during invite creation.
  • Name: This is the name that will be used to describe you in the invite, voting page, and any notifications sent to attendees. Your first name will be used in notifications to attendees. For example, "Erica would appreciate your vote!" is used in emails sent to attendees reminding them to vote. If you wish to change your display name after sending out the invite, you can change it by following instructions here.
  • Default time zone: This is the time zone in which invites will be scheduled when they reach consensus, and is the default time zone that all suggestions will be displayed in when using the add-in.
  • Skype settings: If you have set up a Skype bridge in your Office 365 account, this is where you can set it so the add-in will use our bridge for any invites that are scheduled with Skype for Business enabled. FindTime tries to automatically get your Skype information (whether you have a bridge set up, and if so, what the bridge information is), but if it is unable to gather your information, you can set your Skype information here.
  • Invitation settings: See a description of the invitation settings. The selection of settings you set here will be the default settings automatically set in the add-in when creating a new invite. You can change the settings in the add-in for the invite (but changing the settings will not affect the defaults you've chosen here).
  • Suggestion settings: Your working days and hours are automatically pulled from Exchange and reflected here. If your working days and hours could not be retrieved from Exchange, the default is Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

If I change settings on the dashboard's organizer settings dialog, will the invites I've already sent out have their settings changed too?

No. These changes will only take effect for newly created invites.

How do I know if I have Skype info that I should provide, and where do I find that information?

To understand what a Skype bridge is (also called a dedicated meeting space), read this page. If you do not have the dedicated meeting space setting enabled, you do not need to fill out any settings in the organizer settings dialog in the FindTime dashboard. If you do have the dedicated meeting space setting enabled, then you can create a Skype meeting in Outlook to find all of your information. When you create a draft of a Skype meeting in Outlook, text will be inserted into your meeting body that looks similar to this:

In the organizer settings dialog that you access from the FindTime dashboard, if you expand the Skype settings section, you'll see the following:

The web url you can find by right-clicking the "Join Skype Meeting" link and choosing "Copy Hyperlink":

You can then paste the url into the "Web url" text field in organizer settings dialog on the FindTime dashboard.

The phone numbers that the dialog asks for are the ones below the "Join by phone" text on the email insert:

You can add multiple numbers in the dialog.

Finally, you enter your conference ID, which you can find in the Skype email insert:

If I restrict suggestions to working hours in the settings dialog here, can I still show non-working hours suggestions in the add-in?

Yes. In the add-in, you can still un-check the "Work hours" checkbox to show all available times.

If I change my name here, does it update in all the invites I've sent out? How is changing my name here different than changing my name on the voting page as an attendee?

No, changing your name here will only take effect for future invites you create. Changing your name on the voting page as an attendee (see here for more information) only affects that single invite and will not affect any existing or future invites.

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