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FindTime notifications and communications

As a part of ensuring attendees vote on FindTime invites and organizers are kept up-to-date on the status of their invites, FindTime sends several kinds of communications to organizers and attendees. FindTime also sends out occasional promotional emails to subscribers who have consented to receiving our emails during sign-up in the FindTime add-in.

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Non-notification communication


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As an organizer, what notifications can I expect to get?

Someone who installs the FindTime add-in will receive the following emails once and never again:
  • A "Welcome to FindTime" email
  • 5 semi-weekly Hack emails that help a new FindTime organizer take advantage of the add-in (you can unsubscribe from the Hack emails at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in the footer of a Hack email)
  • Congratulations on sending your first invite, or if you've recently scheduled your first invite, congratulations on completing your first invite
The organizer receives the following emails for every invite and cannot unsubscribe from them:
  • Confirmation that an invite was created and sent
  • Notification that FindTime was unable to auto-schedule an invite upon consensus (if auto-scheduling is enabled for this invite)
  • Notification that consensus was reached (if auto-scheduling is not enabled for this invite)
  • Notification that an attendee added another attendee
  • Notification that an attendee proposed a new suggested time
  • Notification that an invite was auto-scheduled (if consensus was reached and the auto-scheduling setting was enabled) 
The organizer optionally receives the following emails for every invite, depending on if the notifications setting is enabled (see here for more information on the setting, and here for setting a default):
  • Notification that an attendee voted, each time an attendee votes
The organizer will occasionally receive the follow email when the problem occurs:
  • Notification that your credentials have expired (you can unsubscribe from this notification)
  • Notification of failure to retrieve Skype settings (you cannot unsubscribe from this notification)
Organizers can also expect to receive periodic updates from FindTime regarding important updates about the product.

As an attendee, what notifications can I expect to get?

Someone who is invited to a FindTime poll for the first time will receive the following emails once and never again:
  • A "Welcome to FindTime" email
  • If this attendee was added through the voting page after the invite was already sent out, the attendee receives a notification that they have been added, asking them to vote
The attendee receives the following emails for a given invite and cannot unsubscribe from them:
  • Confirmation that the attendee added another attendee 
The attendee receives the following emails for a given invite unless they have unsubscribed from notifications for a given invite:
  • Notification that another attendee has proposed a new time
  • If this attendee has not yet voted for this invite, they will receive a daily reminder to vote for the invite until they've either voted or unsubscribed from the reminders

How do I turn them off, or maybe just get a daily summary?

To turn notifications off (the ones that are able to be turned off), you can unsubscribe from the emails to cause an immediate effect (see the question below). To set the default notification setting to false, check out this page here.

We don't currently offer an option for a daily summary of notification activity.

How do I (or my attendees) unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing from notification emails is done by clicking an "Unsubscribe" link in the email from which you wish to unsubscribe. Here are some examples for an organizer:
  • The Hack emails
  • Attendee vote notifications
  • Your credentials have expired
Here are some examples for an attendee:
  • Another attendee proposed a new time

  • Reminders to vote

Will unsubscribing be effective for all invites' notifications, or just this one?

Unsubscribing only affects the invite that you received the notification for, from which you are unsubscribing.

Why aren't the notifications in the same thread as the original email?

We try our best to get all notifications to be part of the same email thread, and this happens most of the time. In rare cases, some people's notifications arrive in separate threads. Unfortunately, Outlook's heuristics for determining if emails should be contained within the same thread are complex and we aren't able to replicate it for everyone.

Non-notification communication

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What other sorts of emails can I expect? What's the value?

If you consented to receive our emails when you installed FindTime, thank you! We send emails out when something cool and exciting happens, or we've released new features our community of users has been anticipating, or when there's important news we need to share, to name a few instances. We send these emails out infrequently and the timing is dependent on things happening with FindTime.

The value of these emails is that we send out information that is either important, helpful, or just plain cool. For example, some past emails we've sent were announcing our release via the Microsoft Garage, announcing that we've hit over 10,000 organizers, and a new set of features that were some of the most-requested features on our UserVoice site. By subscribing to our emails, you'll be among the first to know milestones about FindTime, new features, and other important news.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in the footer of our emails:

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to promotional emails by installing FindTime with the option checked to receive our emails. If you've unsubscribed from promotional emails, you can subscribe again by reinstalling FindTime from the homepage. Reinstalling does not affect FindTime in any way.

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