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Referring a colleague

The FindTime referral form is where you can tell your colleagues or friends about FindTime and invite them to install it! On the referral form you can specify recipients and preview what the email will look like. One email is sent to each person; it is not a single mass email sent to all your colleagues that you selected.

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Where can I find this page?

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The refer a colleague page is accessible from the voting confirmation page as shown below. The option is only available to organizers that are signed in to FindTime.

Clicking the button should open a new page that looks like so:

It is possible that your email account has been blocked from sending share emails. In this event you will see something resembling this:

Why am I blocked?

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When you send a refer message, we provide a link in the message that allows recipients to report it as spam or inappropriate material.
If you are repeatedly reported, the team may decide to block you from sending future share emails.
If you believe you should be un-blocked, please create a ticket and we will work with you to resolve this issue.

Choosing recipients

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How did you auto-populate recipients?

When the page loads, you may see a pre-populated list of recipients.
FindTime analyzes your recent contacts from Exchange to produce this list of suggested recipients.
You may feel free to add or remove any recipients.

How do I add new recipients?

Recipients may be added by entering their name and email in the boxes provided.

Previewing the invitation

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Before you send the refer message, you may preview exactly what the email you send will look like by pressing the Preview button.

Sending the invitation

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When you are ready, click Send at the bottom of the page to send the invitation to your selected recipients.
You may be prompted to fill in your name before sending.

What account is this email sent from?

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The generated emails will be sent from your email account to the intended recipients.
The message will appear exactly as if you had sent it to them directly from an email client.

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