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Troubleshooting plugin load/start issues

General setup FAQ

What clients are required?

FindTime is an Outlook add-in and requires Outlook 2013 and above on Windows and Outlook 2016 on Mac. You can also access FindTime via Outlook on the Web (OWA).

What kind of email account is required?

An email account with Exchange Online hosted by Office 365 is required. O365 Home or O365 University or other SKUs where you do not have a work or school email account do not work. FindTime is also unable to be installed on mobile browsers or the Outlook app on mobile. 

Currently, users with Hotmail or accounts are not able to install FindTime. That said, there is an effort where accounts are being migrated to Exchange and add-ins may begin to work for those accounts. 

A Microsoft account and work/school accounts are different. You cannot use a Microsoft account with FindTime. 

FindTime is not showing up

Here are the steps you can take to figure out if FindTime is installed correctly and where to look for it. 

Can you see the add-in in Outlook on the Web (OWA)? FindTime should also be listed as an installed add-in when you manage your apps on OWA.

Images here show where to expect FindTime to be in various Outlook clients. Make sure you check under "Apps for Office" if you are using Outlook 2013.

If you don’t see it in desktop Outlook, make sure you are signed into your Office 365 account. To check if you are, click File > Office Account > Switch account then enter your credentials.

If you are using a Mac, the Outlook client for Mac has limited add-in functionality. You can use the FindTime add-in in read mode but Outlook for Mac does not support using FindTime via a new email (see the images link above). The best option for Mac users is to use FindTime in a browser or use it in read mode.

FindTime is failing to load or crashing IE


To solve issues like above or related prompts, follow the steps below. 

  NOTE * - if you suddenly started noticing this issue or tried to install it in May, it may be due to an office update. Uninstall the update, to make this go away.  Instructions here.   

a. Run Outlook as an administrator.

b. There is an Internet Explorer patch at that has a fix for several known issues with respect to loading plugins. Generally, it fixes a few IE crash issues that are no longer happening when invoked by Outlook.

c. Try clearing your files/cookies from the browser history.

d. Restart your machine.

e. See in the Events log if there are any application errors for Outlook that give more information about your setup. Talk to your tenant admin about it. 

Gray icons in my ribbon

You have installed FindTime but the Apps for Office or FindTime buttons are showing disabled or gray in your ribbon.

a. If you have encryption or privacy policies enabled, disable them. Add-ins do not perform well with privacy settings in order to respect the private content.

b. Run Outlook as an administrator. This disables any other Outlook plugin that is taking over the ribbon.

c. Sometimes other Outlook plugins such as "Todoist" or "ShareFile" or "SalesForce" interfere with the ribbon. You can disable those to see if add-ins come back.

Outside of these reasons, there may be an issue with the server being unavailable if you see gray icons when both reading and composing emails and meetings. These should resolve themselves. Or you can try to restart Outlook several times to make it force-load add-ins.

That's all for now! Good luck! 

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